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How bidder works

How bidder works
How bidder works

What can we do for you

Provide own
RTB bidder

Get an access to exclusive supply and demand using fully-featured RTB integration with your partners.

Create a new way to do programmatic buying

Get your RTB supply, wrap it into built-in player and sell to multiple demand partners. No need to deal with DSPs and JS codes. Only one end-point for everything.

Run omnichannel
ad campaigns

Connect you RTB inventory to multichannel demand: RTB and Tag, Video and Display. Get the most out of your inventory with all the advantages of back-filling solutions

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Take control over your programmatic monetization and connect SSP and DSP partners directly from one place.

Ad networks

Get the power of a bidder within few minutes – fast and easy way to access, integrate and manage any type of programmatic inventory.


Create your own white-label DSP solution and apply your own algorithms and manage your targeting software.

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Supply management


24/7 support


Custom integration

Fraud detection

eCPM pricing model

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We are constantly adding new partners, please ask us if you need supply that is not on this list.

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